Intel i5-8600 65W $155 obo Ebay

Intel i5-8600 ebay

  • The i5-8600 is a weird chip. The 8600k is a revered i5 because of the OC capability. The 8600 is a lesser discussed item compared to the 8400(t) or going to i7. Passmark 9851, 65W but is still well-reviewed.

It’s the worst time to look into a new NAS/Server, but my NK 4 runs xpenology and I’m tiring of it and the lack of upgrades pcie 2/3 and sata 2 offer. I want to move to Unraid or a Snapraid/merge platform. I also want 2x pcie x8, one for HBA and the other for higher speed networking. Some 1151 motherboards can support x8/x8. Due to the HP 290’s I use, I needed an additional 1151 cpu that I can transport for either NAS, QS, or other purposes. I found this and got the seller to go down to $128, but they may be able to go lower.

For those needing higer powered 1151 and don’t want to pay the extreme premiums of what OTIS 1.0 is going through with cpu and drive shortages, I think this is a mediocre deal very close to “good” if you want 1151 today.

$ [128-155 before shipping]

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