Intel Hot Swap 8 x 2.5" SAS3 for 2x5.25 bays $125 obo

Hot Swap chassis + SAS3 backplane

Waiting for mine to arrive. The original post at STH was for the NVME/U.2 with oculink version, but that sold out quickly (and I don’t have Oculink, and didn’t want to spend $100+ for the PCIe oculink card and drives etc).

This 8x2.5" SAS was reposted and can be bought from $70-80 before shipping depending on the mood of the seller. It seems that these require SFF-8643 to whatever interface your HBA is. I will post some pics when the unit arrives.

$125 OBO + shipping.

EDIT: I offered $60 and got a counter for less than $80. Don’t pay full price on this.

Intel A2U8X25S3DPDK 2U Dual Port Hot-swap Drive Cage Upgrade Kit 8 x 2.5" NEW 735858288774 | eBay

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Looking forward to your pictures!

Can they handle 15mm drives?
Any fan mounts?

I just got home and haven’t been able to test drives. I don’t have any 2.5" sas drives (yet) or even the right cables. No fan mounts noted.

The box was promptly shipped, and well packed. No manual.

Primary and secondary SAS ports (?)

Compared to the 6x3.5" SAS1 drive bay from previous mentions

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Looks like it requires at least 2x SFF-8643 connections from your HBA.

I’ve never worked with a legit backplane, so having two connectors (one primary, one secondary) for each set of 4 drives is weird to me.

Just FYI, it has nothing to do with whether it’s a “legit” backplane or not. Some models have it, some don’t.

Mostly they are used for failover, but sometimes they can be use for daisy chaining as well. In this case, you would plug in a second backplane directly into the secondary ports of the first backplane.

I finally got the correct SAS cable to connect it to my LSI 8i. Tested fine with a 2.5" sata drive I had. I’m waiting on SAS drives to arrive.

My plan is to use this with a flashed Dell H330 to get “full 12g SAS speed” but I’m using sas spinners and nothing I run will need that much speed. Still, it’s a chance to get ready for chia-pocalypse when people start selling their overprovisioned stuff. Hopefully the SAS SSD’s that come out of this aren’t completely wrecked.

Meanwhile, about this cage. If you have 2.5" drives laying around, it’s not a bad purchase. It’s quiet and quaint. No fan mounts. The 4-pin power supply was the biggest challenge, I had to test it in a different computer than my NAS that had an extra 4-pin cable.

Quick thought would something like Monoprice P4 to ATX Power Supply Adapter ( Monoprice P4 to ATX Power Supply Adapter - work for adapting the power to something more common?


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I really wish I could find something like this but taking 2x 5.25" bays and making them 8x 2.5" bays. Something cheap to mount my drives in the case and holding the disks vertically.

For the stuff that does exist cheap is the problem - and I dont think Ive ever see 2.5 vertically stacked is in the two columns.

My hope is Chia would bring us something however dont see them migrating down to 2.5. There is some interesting 3.5 storage options being created. Hard Drive Rack Holder Cage Case Caddy for Chia Farming 8x 3.5" HDD | eBay

I was thinking oriented vertically like the intel hot swap bay, but like dirt cheap

So I also jumped in the pool with one of these.

Mounting has been an interesting thought process: no pre drill side mounting spots.

I stumbled across this which might solve the mounting and fan issue.