Inspiron 3647 low profile NIC?

I’m looking for a low pro NIC for an Inspiron 3647 that I recently acquired from work to use as a pfsense box. What I’m wondering is what would be a good low profile offering for fairly cheap that would fit this case? I was looking at the Intel Pro 1000 VT quad port but am not sure if some of the low pro adapters on ebay will work with this card. Any help is greatly appreciated!

This is the another option I’ve been looking into.

Any of those Intel quad ports would work, and their low profile adapters are interchangeable.

This is an i340-T4 with a low profile bracket for $25. It’s got less than half the power usage of an old PT card.

Check out this thread for some info on the differences.

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Excellent, thank you for the information!