i3 10105 motherboard suggestions

Aight hello party people,

I want to build a lil (cost efficient) server to (for now) run plex, i have a nas for storage but that potato can’t handle a single 1080p stream.
So, i thought of going for a i3 10105 for 120 bucks.
Now what would be yalls best choice for lga 1200 motherboard?
Form factor is whatever, and maybe yall also have a good RAM reccomendation.
I’d like to keep costs a bit civil so nothing too wild, the MB probably a bit less costlier then the CPU lol.
(as for additional hardware, i plan to use an m.2 and maybe a gpu in the future, should have 4 Dimm slots. For Lan gigabit is fine.)

Looking forward to yalls choices :slight_smile: