HW Transcoding GPU for Threadrunner build?

i know, right? the threadrunner build was sooooo 2018 (actually 2019, maybe?)! but mine is still going strong. anyways, looking for a good GPU for hw transcoding, maybe to give my CPU’s a break. I’ll probably need to update my PSU as well, but that won’t be a problem. I’m rocking dual 2680 v2’s with the Intel S2600CP board. I don’t know the other specs off-hand but can get them if needed.

what do y’all think?

edit - almost forgot…this is in an Enthoo pro case so don’t think clearance is an issue

Have you read through the full HW Transcoding build? may be easier/better to do a separate box is that’s all you’re wanting.

thanks, I was reading it earlier, and the P2000 could work. I wasn’t aware of a dedicated box to transcode…that sounds like it could work

thanks for the quick reply! i realize dual 2680 v2’s don’t NEED it, but i guess you can chalk it up to boredom

The P2000 is outclassed by even a basic QS box.

If I’ve reading everything correctly, QS won’t do me much good (2 max hw transcodes) because my Plex server is running on Windows

edit - or does the QS box need to run Ubuntu and it’s okay my Plex server runs Windows?

The QS box is your Plex server. It’s super easy to set up PMS on Ubuntu, it’s detailed in the guide.