HPE HBA240 setup

Looking for help. I thought that this would somewhat be a simple plug and play. I have this card with 4 3TB SAS drives hooked up. Just got in a SuperMicro X9DRL-IF. Initial boot there was alot of beeping! I went into the bios and disable the OPRom on the slot the card was in and they seemed to quite it down. Now when booting up the initializing screen comes up and runs for a long time then says 0 logical drives(what is the normal amount of time for this?) and then unit boots up. Unraid did not see any drives.

So I do not know if this card needs to be flashed similar to an LSI card or what settings I may need to change in MB bios. I even tried to a make a bootable USB with some HPE software but for some reason it does not boot up .

So just asking is there an H240 expert in the house who could give me some guidance on how to get this to work or maybe I need to look for another card. I am stumped but not down yet!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more details as needed. Thanks

Are you able to get into the SSA CLI via F5 when the card’s BIOS option ROM runs? modify hbamode=on (may need to specify target)

F5 does nothing, clicked it during the whole sequence until it all disappeared. I have literally had tried every key to see if one of them would do something. Any other ideas?

OK follow up, I had started this journey with my old gaming computer and it just would not boot with this card in a slot. But I had downloaded the HPE SSA CLI tool on it. I have it running on the new server with that computers HDD. So I am running it and have entered: controller slot6 hbamode=on and I get the error that hbamode is not supported on this controller. Which it should correct? Not sure what I should do. It does appear it will do raidmode=on maybe try that then review it again?

OK final update, I may be beat. Still looking for clues. I wonder do I have a bad cable set or what? I am got 4 of those 3TB drive from the other day are they bad? Lastly is the card bad. Reviewing the card with SSA CLI it appears it is in HBA mode. It appears to only be seeing 1 drive out of 4. One drive shows in windows, but I can’t access it in windows but is shows up in device manager/not disk manager. Unraid sees nothing from there. I am really at a loss. I guess I should have just stuck with a couple sata drives this makes my head hurt! Any thoughts let me know. TY!

I have a couple of these I haven’t had a chance to mess with yet. Once I do, I’ll report back what I find.