HP Z820 SAS Drive

I am looking at purchasing 2x 8TB SAS drives. I came across this eBay listing and was wondering if it would be compatible with my HP Z820. I have seen HGST drives with similar specs as well. Much appreciated.

Hitachi 8TB SAS

Here is what I found in the Z820 spec sheet

Interfaces Supported

Can you please share some pics of your HP Z820 and where the SAS connectors are?

SAS drives will be compatible, provided you have a SAS controller. What OS are you running?

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Hello @JDM_WAAAT . My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I was under the impression that I would receive an email notification when someone replied to my inquiry. I better verify those settings. The Z820 comes with the integrated LSI SAS 2308 Controller. I have tried connecting several HGST 8TB SAS (Sun Oracle) drives to the controller to no avail.

HGST Sun Oracle 8TB SAS

The controller’s RAID configuration utility simply will not recognize either of the two drives that I insert into the drive bay. I was thinking of perhaps an Adpatec 71605 but have no way of knowing if I am going to run into the same compatability issues. I do know that the Adaptec card is compatible with the version of ESXi that I am running but that is just half if the solution

In addition to what Jdm asked for can you show a picture of the config utility and/or mention what controller is onboard?

The ifixit tear down of one of these indicates a sata only configuration in spite of toolless backplane