HP Z420 Cpu upgrade to e5-2680v2 or new build?

Hi guys
For some time I was thinking about potential upgrade - I use and old HP Z420 as a “homelab” for my VM’s, NAS, Plex…It is doing its job pretty well based on how much I paid for it.
Lately, I did try to compress some videos and I was underwhelmed about the current CPU performance vs my i9 9900k on my gaming PC -60% more FPS in handbrake on 9900k(no Intelsync or anything).
My current build of HP Z420 is:
3 HDD drives (sata 7200)
1 SSD drives (sata)
1 ssd nvme
DDR3: 28GB ECC DDR3 (1600)
GPU: Quadro K2000
CPU: E5-2650v2
Now I can get for around 60$ e5-2680v2 which would give me 2 cores boost and +0,2ghz clock. I couldn’t find a straight comparison so not sure if that would make much sense (in terms of performance and power consumption). I like to find a decent balance between overall cost, performance and power consumption

The other idea is that I can get hands-on a Ryzen mobo with CPU + RAM: The specs below:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
RAM: 4x4GB DDR4 (2666)

I should be able to get some PSU but I don’t think that Ryzen 2600 will be faster in transcoding or dealing with VM’s so I think an upgrade to Ryzen 7 would be required + buying some more ram. All things considered I’m not sure if it’s gonna be worth speding all the extra cash for a new build vs the old HP-Z420 with E5-2680v2 (overall)

Thank you for the suggestions:)