HP Z 220 with Low Power CPU

Hi I’ve been inspired to build my own NAS.

It will be used for Backup storage for the Family’s PC ( 5 x Windows 10) and to record the footage from 2 survielance cameras . Eventually I would like to run a couple of Dockers Couch potato etc. Nothing more
I was able to purchase a new Z220 Motherboard and would like to use this as the basis for my build.
As it should run 24/7 I was wondering can I use a Xeon E3 -1265L or do I need to stick to the officially supported CPU’s?
Also How much RAM should I plan on using from the max. 32Gb?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

I’m not sure if you can easily run a Z220 motherboard outside of an actual Z220, so you might want to look into that first.

Also, Couch Potato is really, really bad. Look into Sonarr/Radarr instead.