HP SAS Controller P411

I have an old P411 Card from a Proliant ML350 G6, and I was thinking to make a server with RAID capabilities with this card.
Are these cards compatible with PCs?

I’m new to SAS controllers and listening your recommendations.

Thanks and greetings.

Outside of a very narrow use-case, I wouldn’t recommend using that card.

There’s a bunch of SAS RAID and passthrough (IT mode) cards available for pretty reasonable prices. Check out the list below.

So I’ve been tasked with setting up a tape drive on a physical machine. This is my first foray with LTO5, or tapes for that matter. I’ve got a brand new HP LTO5 SAS tape drive. My machine is an older dell PE1900 pedestal server that has a (7x) 2-tb SATA raid5 at 11.5 TB running off of a standard PERC 5i card. The PERC card doesn’t seem to pick up the tape drive (assuming because it can’t do JBOD, or present the device directly to BIOS).

What should I look for, or purchase, as a PCIe x4 or x8 controller card to get this tape drive online? Box is destined to be a baremetal install of Win serv 2k8 R2. Would love any advice on getting the least expensive solution possible, as this was dropped in my lap to have done ASAP and at as low a cost as possible.