HP Proliant ML350 G6 10 pin wattage

Hey all!

I recently had an HP proliant ML350 G6 put in my hands. I already had my unraid server, but I wanted to move it to the HP so I had another PC laying around. I was able to transfer all my hard drives and my unraid OS no problem.

The one issue I’m running into is that my GPU, MSI 1050ti that I would love to have running in the new server for transcoding and VMs, has no power source. From what I understand, there is a 10 pin power connection on the power supply that might be an option to power my GPU so I can resume using it in my server.

So here’s the question: The only thing I’m concerned about is whether that 10 pin will be able to handle the demands of the the 75W GPU. Does anyone know whether the 10 pin can effectively supply the 75W or does anyone know where I can find that information?

Thank you!