HP Engage Flex - Sotrage


I’ve been a long time reader but never posted before, a quick search and I’m still lost.

Could someone help me work out the most cost effective way to do the below?

I’ve got a hp proliant ml350 g6 with a PCIe Sara card installed, I have 7 HDDs installed with 1 SSD. The power consumption is too high (current energy prices in UK). All SATA.

I’ve bought a second hand HP Engage Flex with a 256gb NVMe drive. It has a G5400 installed, which will be great for hardware transcoding. This is to replace the Proliant.

It is housed in a ventilated (temperature controlled) under stairs compartment. Usually kept below 20’C.

My HHDs are all different sizes and not using RAID.

My question is how best to integrate the storage drives?

Low usage (10 households) Plex server.

My apologies if I’ve missed the post which is the same question, if so, please point me to it :man_facepalming:.

Cheers, Max