HP 290 Plex Server + NAS build questions

So i just ordered a HP290 that’s on its way here and I’m upgrading some hardware.
500gb NVMe
16GB memory

I was thinking about adding these items for NAS support as this will be on 24/7:

[edit: removed old RAID controller from build]

$94 4 Bay esata enclosure
$32 PCIe x2 Esata Controller

Im not sure if im going about this right. :thinking:


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I think I’m confused. Are you planning an additional NAS build?

After more reading I see its suggested NOT to use a RAID controller with unraid, unless flashed to IT mode. So im changing to the sata card and enclosure to:

$94 4 Bay esata enclosure
$32 PCIe x2 Esata Controller

My starting questions are:
Does this hardware combo work?
Does the additional cost of $126 verses building a completely addtional NK4 make sense?
Will the Plex / Unraid / NZBget / sonarr… server have adequate resources?
Would you suggest upgrading NVMe to 1TB?
Also if anyone has any other suggestions?

Thanks again!

Did you by any chance end up building out your 290 into a NAS? I’ve been thinking about doing the exact same thing and it’d be great to hear your experience and any tips/tricks you have!

There’s really no good way to build a HP 290 into a NAS, nor is it really necessary.

For that price you can build an entire NAS. Why not just use unraid with an HBA flashed to IT mode, as recommended here in various build guides?

I did, but @JDM_WAAAT said I would have issues with the 4 bay encloser. So I ended up swapping the HP290 with my spare PC.

I already bought a 8500T and more memory for the 290, so basically I just needed a $69 Motherboard (GIGABYTE B365M DS3H LGA 1151 SATA 6Gb/s Micro ATX) for my old case. The MB was $57 cheaper than the 4-bay Encloser and Esata Controller I returned.
The 290 is now used for a windows PC (my daughters).
The tower runs Unraid and holds up to 10 drives with room to expand.

This setup did use around ~7 more watts, I’m sure it’s the power supply, but having 6 SATA and room to grow was more important.

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