HP 290 Plex Server + NAS build questions

So i just ordered a HP290 that’s on its way here and I’m upgrading some hardware.
500gb NVMe
16GB memory

I was thinking about adding these items for NAS support as this will be on 24/7:

[edit: removed old RAID controller from build]

$94 4 Bay esata enclosure
$32 PCIe x2 Esata Controller

Im not sure if im going about this right. :thinking:


I think I’m confused. Are you planning an additional NAS build?

After more reading I see its suggested NOT to use a RAID controller with unraid, unless flashed to IT mode. So im changing to the sata card and enclosure to:

$94 4 Bay esata enclosure
$32 PCIe x2 Esata Controller

My starting questions are:
Does this hardware combo work?
Does the additional cost of $126 verses building a completely addtional NK4 make sense?
Will the Plex / Unraid / NZBget / sonarr… server have adequate resources?
Would you suggest upgrading NVMe to 1TB?
Also if anyone has any other suggestions?

Thanks again!