HP 290-p0043w BIOS update issues

I can’t get my system to do the f31 update. It writes the update to the USB drive but at restart nothing happens, just boots to windows.

I booted to windows and used the hp update assistant to update the bios. Worked without a problem.

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Press F9 right after powering on / rebooting system to select boot device. Otherwise it will always boot to the windows. If no other boot devices found, you might need to disable secure boot in bios – for that, press F10 while booting the system.

You can change the boot order semi-permanently in the BIOS as well.

Do not download and then update BIOS with flash drive. Easiest way is to install the “HP Update Assistant” application off of the HP support page. It will find the correct BIOS update and automagically download and install it without having to use flash drive or boot to flash drive whatsoever.


The problem was that the ho assistant was downloading the wrong version of the BIOS update. Once I downloaded the correct version from ho support the update worked without a USB drive.

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