Howdy, looking to upgrade but I need to learn how to learn

Hello, I have been using my hand me down systems to run my plex and stuff for years but I have recently discovered this forum and unraid and I am a little overwhelmed.

What I want to do is get a server going that will do everything it I am doing now but also be a nas and run some docker containers.

I have a case but I am stuck on a mother board, I would like to limit my self to a $200 budget or less for that.

My problem is looking at the SNAFU 2.0 guide there are so many boards I am a little lost I have a couple I think might work but I don’t know the questions to ask to be sure.

Welcome, sounds like you’re a great candidate for Unraid.

Have you looked at this guide? Seems like this would be more in your budget.

Looking at that guide it seems I can just switch my windows 7 box over to unraid and just be happy with that for a while while I learn about server mother boards. Thanks you probably just save me from buying twice.

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