Howdy all. Who wants to get naked and wrestle?

That’s something one of my mechanics randomly yells and it cracks me up every time.
I’m Shane. I’ve been an auto mechanic most of my life but currently I try to manage a repair shop. I also like computers. Have since around 94 (or probably 84 apple ii days) when I traded a guy the labor of doing his timing belt plus $400 and he built me a pc. But more importantly at the time he let me watch and pester him with questions during the whole process. Learned enough and just went tinkering from there for years. I haven’t bought a desktop ever now that I think about it. I have a ton of old parts and computers and junk sitting in my garage that I search for the motivation to do something with. Currently in the process of building a whatever server out of an R5 1600 on a B350 Asrock and 4 impulse buy shucked 10tb drives. I’ve been dabbling in Unraid for a couple months now but I really haven’t done much more than spin up an array of a few old 1tb drives with an old AMD A10 motherboard I’ve had laying around. Looking to learn more and challenge myself to do more with networking and managing a server and whatnot.
Whew that was wordy. My keyboard is starting to irritate my wife lol


Welcome! Do you just do general auto repairs, or do you specialize in something?

We’re an Air Conditioning specialist shop, but we do bumper to bumper repairs other than body/collision. I’ve personally worked on nearly anything with a gas combustion engine. Heavy equipment, airplanes, mopeds, boats, Sno Cats…whatever. Money is money lol

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You had me at naked wrestling.

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