How is this /r/htpc NAS + Media Server Build?

Need a NAS/media server build for new home. Was thinking about going with this… but am definitely open to any improvements/changes.

TLDR: Anything that could be improved with this build while keeping price point?

That looks really expensive. Have you looked at the NAS Killer 4.0 or NAS Killer 4.1?

  • WD Blue NVMe should be avoided. Get a refurbished enterprise NVMe instead.
  • 3x8TB for $440 = $146/drive, which is higher than what the shuckable list recommends.
    • Another option is getting drives from a vendor such as RhinoTech or Bitdeals
  • Use this flash drive instead
  • With your NAS Killer 4.0/4.1 combo, use a heatsink from this list instead.

These optimizations should save around $250-$400, depending on what options you go with. You can either save this money or put it back into more storage.

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