Home Server NAS - Plex LAB Build

The idea for the build is for:

  • Large storage for movies we own, home videos and picutres
  • Plex
  • Virtual Machines for testing playing with Dockers, linux, programing (learning Python) and other advise for building own LAB for such
  • would like to look at a storage location on the NAS Home Server above setup on VM etc that could be used as a cloud storage so when home or out in the world we are able to save pictures videos etc from mobile devices
  • will be setting up front end on the network so there will be Ubiquiti Security gateway etc, with a load balancer and looking to setup access to get into the server build to access files etc… what would be a useful tool app, that would allow to access the server Plex files, home video, photos, doc - with the abilitity to upload to - just wondering if there is an app that is recommended that the above would not cover or work well with
  • Video picture editing on a VM
  • would game storage be possible or an idea or best to keep seperate - thinking a gaming server - but may be overkill and best kept seperate
  • Programing is to learn Python and develope

With above advise on the below

Cost - low as possible (under £1k)

Intel Xeon or AMD - thinking more CORES the better

Memory 32GB or more - please advise

Motherboard, seen X10DAL-i | Motherboards | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. looking at dual CPU - but have also seen ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS - any other advise

OS, I have read about freenas, truenas uraid - i have also looked at synology but want to keep cost down - update - read about zfs on truenas coming on SCALE, but that unraid is possible with plugin ?? the OS is where I am stuck at most, for labs etc I will be looking at various OS windows, and a mac

The storage on how many drives, looking to start low with 3 and build up more with ability to have max of 10 bays

Also want the ability to interact with Google Drive, Onedrive - but also want ability to have back ups to protect home photos videos movies docs etc and the VMs, welll everything

Any other advise recommendations or anything I have missed out that would be useful for a Home LAB setup need please say