Hi Builders! Looking for advice!

I found this place doing research looking to upgrade my underpowered home server.

Current rig is probably 10 years old.

  • Zotac Atom D510 ITX board
  • 8gb of DDR2
  • LianLi Q25
  • 430w Antec supply I had sitting around
  • Cheapo sata controller
  • 120 GB samsung ssd I got for free w/ ubuntu server installed
  • 5 2TB HDDs in an mdadm raid 5 various makes, models, and speeds

It’s also been accumulating tasks for 10 years.

  • Bitwarden server
  • Bitcoin full node
  • Monero full node
  • Seafile for documents and music
  • PIhole
  • Runs a Pleroma instance
  • XMPP server
  • Hosts a web interface and another site as Tor Hidden services
  • about a dozen python bots for web scraping, crypto trading, home automation, etc
  • Hosts an urbit ship
  • Occasional torrent duties
  • Print server

Its not a flashy rig but Its mostly done everything I’ve asked it to do. I think the Q25 is generally well liked but I’ve always found it pretty loud. Not sure if I want to keep the case replace the guts or start fresh. ITX mobos seem to hold their value a little too well so replacing everything may offer more bang for the buck.

I do have an old gaming PC with an AMD Phenom II 1090T I could press into service but reading through the various builds on here is giving me the itch for some newer old hardware! I also recently got a free pair of PERC 310H SAS controllers, a bunch of SAS cables, and a couple of sas drives from work. A cursory scan of ebay seems prices are quite a bit inflated from those of the NAS 4.X/5.0 series guides. Where is the value at today?

A question I do have is should I stick with mdadm for my purposes? The freedom of mergerFS/snapraid appeals. I see the zfs is popular too.

Thanks guys, love what I’m learning here!