Hey everyone, I'm new & need some help

Nice to meet everyone. I’m looking to build a nas that will strictly be for 4k/1080p vids. I’m looking at the NAS killer 1.0, would this be good enough for what I’m wanting to do? If not will you please guide me to something that would. I don’t want to use a prebuilt, I would like to upgrade as I go along.

If it matters I’ll be networking the connection & streaming to a Zidoo z9x

hi welcome.

i’ve never heard of a zidoo z9x before. the big question is if it can direct play or direct stream a 4k file. If it can, then you can use a low power nas. But if you ever need to transcode for an incopatible device (or low bandwidth connection) then you will need a good transcoding gpu and a nas killer will die.

nas killer 1.0 is quite old now. may want to look at a nas killer 4.0 or 5.0:
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if you think you may need to transcode, best budget option is to look at the intel igpu boxes.
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Thanks for the response. I will look into the 4.0. This is a Zidoo


I basically can read files from a home network, & external HDD.