Hesitating between 2 DAS Solutions

I’m hestitating between two DAS Solutions:

  1. Coolermaster Stacker with 4 Supermicro Hotswap Bays
  2. 2x Silverstone CS381 enclosures

Option 1 gives me 20 hdd bays and option 2 16 hdd bays
Option 2 let’s me build 1 unRAID server in this enclosure and use a 2nd as DAS or 2nd unRAID servers

For the moment I have lots of 2TB SATA drives but some of them are giving errors.
Should I keep on using 2TB drives or start using larger drives?

So many options but cannot seem to decide.
What would you recommend?

I’d start using larger drives. Enterprise refurbished HDDs are very cheap. We work a lot with Bitdeals, they provide some really good deals to the community here. There are also other companies on ebay such as BuyBest2, RhinoTech, and more that get featured in #marketplace:tech-deals.

Typically you can see 10TB drives for $120-ish, 12TB for $160-ish, just to give a few examples.

Have you considered going rack mount?

Rack mount is not an option I’m afraid due to space constraints.
I use a Silverstone ML03B for my PlexBox and a Silverstone GD09B for my unRAID Server.
I already have the Coolermaster Stacker which can house 4 Supermicro CSE-M35TQB
The Silverstone CS381 costs 299euros.
A Supermicro CSE-M35TQB costs 130euros each.

I live in Europe so those Bitdeals will have added taxes.


We ship to Europe, Australia, Asia, and more very often. Typically shipping costs are reasonable, and while you may have to pay import taxes, most people find it is still very affordable to purchase through us. We would recommend comparing the “all-in” costs of purchasing refurb from the US vs purchasing new/local, you might be very surprised!

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What would you recommend because import taxes go up to 30% on the purchasing price?