Help with new case for x10slh-ln6tf - freenas machine

I have a fractal design r6 and did my measurements but came up that my newly acquired supermicro x10slh-ln6tf is about 1-2 at most mm to big. Given that my drives wont fit I am in need of a new case. I have looked but having a hard time coming up with anything. I like the fractal design 7 xl but due to not being able to get drive trays its sorta out of the question. suggestions would be great.

build consists of.
OS= Freenas
mother board= supermicro x10slh-ln6tf
processor= xeon e3-1265L
ram= 32gb ddr3 ecc 1600mhz
boot drive= 2x250gb samsung ssd
vm/jail drive= 3x1tb samsung ssd
read cache= 1x500gb samsung ssd
sipnners= 12x8tb wd reds–Broken into 3 pools of 4 drives in Z1, ONE Vdev. that way i can add 4 disks at a time.
sas controllers= 2x lsi 9211

used for mass storage with a 10gbe links to desktops. desktops have max 500gb ssd so iscsi is used for program install.

Server 2
OS= Unraid, with Win10 VM
Motherboard asus prime 370
cpu= intel 8770K
ram= 48gb ddr4
ssd/windows 10vm= samsung 970evo m.2
ssd/unraid cache= intel 2tb 660p— unable to passthrough for windows
Graphics for windows= evga 1060
spinning hd’s= 3x4tb wd reds NOT smr. 1 drive parity in unraid.
nic= intel i520 2port 10GBe
nic= built in intel (on motherboard)