Help with new build!

Hey guys. New to this forum but I love all the info I can find here!

I would like to build a new plex server that will host 18-20hdd.

Right now I have :

  • Zotac i7 10700
    *I will use the CPU for transcoding

  • Case Fractal Design 7XL
    *I got this case because of a Linus build and I saw it holds 18-20hdd.

  • M.2 Samsung 960 Pro 2TB

My questions are:

  1. Does anybody know if I can move the motherboard also in the new case?

  2. What mainboard do you recommend ? I would like if possible to have 10GB network and enough expansions for my SATA drives.

  3. Do you have other advices for this build?

Wow - welcome.

Mainboard I would use some version of supermicro board that would support your processor and ram.

Then I would look to some HBA card - probably an adaptec one that supports 8 SAS ports to split from. and then of course the cables and the splits to SATA ends.

I might consider for the price an ASUS board too and maybe an MSI. for name brands. which one - I’d probably focus on max memory amount and then PCI E slot count and types.

do you really intend to run 18 hard drives?

Power supply will be taxed with the drives might be worth looking OS software that will support spinning up the drives in sets on boot up vs trying to pulll all that over at one time. I know I read that 45 drives has something for this. I don’t use near that many so not a concern for me.

Question would you maybe consider rolling 2 boxes. keep the zotac thing and lightly mod it for your plex and transcode duty - and rig another box with less powerful CPU and backbone to run the NAS work and other pieces as needed. connect the 2 with your 10gb link

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