Help with getting LSI card to behave with bios boot order

Hi all,Ok here’s an interesting one. Got myself an LSI card (already in it mode). Plugged it all in with two drives attached. Put server Back in closet and boot. Nothing… Drag keyboard and mouse and monitor over to server so not unexpected shutdown and find it’s booting to the SAS card first.

FYI the mobo is from an old Dell Optiplex 7010, Bios Version A12

Here’s where it gets interesting… When the LSI card is inserted I can press F2 on the USB keyboard and see preparing for setup. BUT it will always try and boot the LSI card first and hang once it shows the drives. It will never get to setup. If I pull the LSI card, it will boot to bios fine, I delete all other boot options apart from USB disk and yet when I plug the LSI card back it it will always boot to the card again as the first step and hang.

Any thoughts on how I can get around this? Without deleting the bios off the LSI card? (I could try that, but it’s a whole other issue as I’d have to source another computer I could do this from…

As a follow up, If I ‘add’ a uefi boot option, I see a file system list and pciroot(0x0)/pci(0x1a,0x0) are listed first before USB. I can’t see a way to edit this.

As a follow up, if I turn legacy roms off, and have no UEFI entries in bois, and LSI card plugs in, it hangs on post, “preparing to enter setup”.

also hangs if I add a generic entry called USB

Have you tried SMBUS masking?