Help with a new SM 846 Server


I recently bought this SM 846 server that deliberately came with no psu

I also bought a ‘quiet’ psu

Unfortunately they didn’t fit. On closer inspection, it seems the power distribution unit is not compatible with the sq PSUs I got.

So I’m hoping some kind soul will point me in the right direction of the correct power distribution unit I should buy. (Alternatively should I get different sq PSUs that fit?)

I hope to use this rig with my existing SM X10SL7-F, Xeon 1240v3, 32GB to run my current Unraid but with expansion for more shucked drives.

Thanks in advance.

So based on my brief research today, I should have bought PWS-920P-SQ.

Some say I can Dremmel the PWS I have but I’m not keen on doing that. I guess the lesson here is for me to do more research with the model number on the PDB and not rely on the chassis’s user manual which did list the PWS I bought as compatible.

All comments welcome.

EDIT: the Power Distribution Board model number is PDB-PT846-8824