Help on bulding a NAS Killer with Chenbro option 4

EDIT: NEVER MIND (and sorry for the noise).

(For the curious, look below at the end of the message)

I have built a few PC in the past, but this is my first one with a server motherboard and I am encountering a few basic issues. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is where I stand:

  • I purchased the Chenbro option 4 referred to in the 4.1 NAS killer guide, a CPU fan, and the CoolerMaster N400 case that was recommended there as well. I had all the other parts lying around (drives, PSU, case fans, etc.)

  • Took the mobo off the chassis (didn’t test it first…), removed the CPU radiator and replaced it with the new CPU fan, then mounted the mobo in the new case, added the PSU, and a couple extra fans.

  • I connected a vga monitor and a keyboard and powered it up. Here is where the problems begins:

  1. There is an annoying high-pitched sound, that was already reported in another thread on reddit. It was suggested there that it is probably connected to the missing fans and to look for the appropriate setting in the advanced BIOS config to disable it.

  2. However, I do not seem to boot into a regular bios. Instead of Tyan’s, I get into an AMI BIOS (version 2.5.1231) that eventually dumps me into an LSI SAS2 BIOS that seems to have a very limited set of settings available.

Does this board need to be flashed with a different bios, perhaps reverting it to an older Tyan one?

My plan is to install a vanilla Archlinux on it, with 4 (eventually 8) drives in 1 (eventually 2) zfs pool. (I know the consensus here is on Unraid, but I have been very happy with zfs in the past few years its limitations notwithstanding, and I intend to stick with it).

I can boot into an Archlinux installation USB flash drive, so the board seems to be functional and I would be ready to add the hard drives and install a permanent OS—except for the ear-splitting high-pitched noise.

Edit: as mentioned in the reddit post, I can confirm the alarm is related to the missing original fans. Plugging then back in eliminates it. It also turns the server into a jet…

Problems solved, because:
It turns out there are three different BIOS-like configuration panels—the BIOS itlelf, the Intel Boot agent and the LSI panel, all accessed trough different key combinations that flash through for a split second at boot time. Once I got to the BIOS proper I was able to turn the annoying beeping off as well as the automatic netboot. Now on my way to a proper OS installation.

Also, once I connect the server to the internet, an intel netboot option takes off, and I can’t find a way to get out of it short of unplugging the ethernet cable.

It definitely sems like I have to get a new (old) BIOS on the board.

Reboot the server, smash the delete key a bunch of times until the regular AMI bios comes up. The option for the alarms are related to BMC which is one alarm to turn off.