HELP NEEDED: calling all autobots

  1. needing a good deal on a cheap 50" or under TV (BB has TCL 50" for $270 right now, wall space doesn’t allow over a 50" so don’t even look for larger, it’s a damn dining room)
  2. must also work with youtube Live/TV or whatever the fuck it’s called (haven’t been able to confirm if the youtube live shit works with the TCL roku TV’s, so that is the main concern currently, whatever youtube crap allows live local tv broadcasts)
  3. it’s not for me, so alternatives are limited. parents are tech retarded, it’s for them so they can get rid of directv. Live local networks are a must, as antenna is not an option for where they live.

Appreciate you all, I don’t often ask for help, but wanting suggestions.

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You mean YouTube TV? If so, that’ll work.
My parents have a TCL Roku TV and it works great.

I’ve got a 55" TCL 4-series and use YouTubeTV. Works great! TCLs are a tremendous value. I do recommend the 6-series though for better image quality.

I bought the 55" TCL 55s525 earlier this year and have been very impressed. I only went 55" because the 50" wasn’t in stock.

Can’t confirm Youtube Live, but can confirm Hulu Live works fine.

Sling TV is really where it is at. You can get all the local channels and cable ones for stupid cheap. Combine with a Roku TV that lets you have Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Plex and you are set. As for the TV, TCL’s are pretty great right now. If you can wait a little while the 4K 120hz models will drop in price.

You can always go for a “smart” TV like a Samsung or LG. Sling TV, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Plex all have apps on the smart TVs.

I would not recommend completely filling up the wall space, but something good yet a little smaller is probably worthwhile. Here is a 43" TCL Roku that I recommend. You can also get s 50" 5-series, but I am not sure of their availability right now. According to the TCL website, the 5-series is the best you can get for the size you want.

There are other options like the Samsung “The Frame” class TVs. They look like a piece of art when not in use. That might work well in the dining room. Obviously they are a little pricier, but you could go with a smaller size.

I hope this helps and you find what you are looking for.