Help Flashing the LSI2308 on an X9SRH-7F to IT mode

Has anybody done this? Is there a guide on here that I am missing?

First result on Google.


Maybe your search terms were overly specific?

It did not come up for me. Thanks for the help…

I couldn’t find a suitable guide when I searched this morning before I left work either.

I still am not able to find anything that I can follow. For starters, I can not even find the files on supermicro website…

I struggled quite a bit to get all the required files a few months ago.

But I managed to find all in the end and have flashed 3x SMC X9DRH-7F cards with it.

PM me your e-mail and I could possibly send you a .zip of my USB stick (not sure it will boot to MS-DOS by just copying the files over?). I found out it had to be a proper MS Dos boot-disk and not a FreeDos as that really just wouldn’t work.

Thank you @B1ack . I found the files. There is an issue with the link Supermicro | Servers, Storage, Cloud & AI Infrastructure. Apparently Broadcom bought LSI. So where it says LSI should be broadcom. This is the correct link: - /wdl/driver/SAS/Broadcom/2308/Firmware/IT/

Thanks again man, I appreciate you looking out…


Then you’re probably OK.

I kinda misunderstood too as I was thinking you were flashing a 2208 to 2308 IT mode firmware, which is actually what I was struggling with myself, it wasn’t just to download the firmware and flash, which I guess it is in your case :slight_smile: