Help figuring out what CPU I can use

I have a Dell OptiPlex 3010 and I want to make a few upgrades to make it into a second small NAS. I won’t be doing anything intense with this box, but I do want to upgrade the i3-3220. This is what I know, it’s an Ivy Bridge CPU in an LGA 1155 socket, but what I don’t know is, how much CPU can I add. I know the PSU is a limitation, but barring that what LGA 1155 CPU can I get. When I look up the Motherboard (MIH61R-MB) I get mixed recommendations and I want to get a better understanding before making a purchase.

Any help would be awesome, Thanks

From what i can tell these were originally Sandy Bridge so I would be tempted to grab a i7-2600s (65 watt) off ebay. That gives you 4 cores, 8 threads…the S is a lower tdp. The regular 2600 would probably be too much heat.

I’d imagine 3770S should also work

Any interest in a i5 3340s?

This appears to be a Socket H2 support list: