Help estimating PSU power needs


I having a hard time trying to figure out how much power I’ll need for my in-progress build and I hope you can help me.

My build will look like this:
SuperMicro X9DRH-7F
2x E5-2650v2
64 GB 1600Mhz LRDIMM
2x 10GB IronWolf SATA HDD → probably growing to 6x10GB in the foreseeable future
a couple of SSD’s for OS and cache
No GPU at the moment but maybe something non-fancy down the line for transcoding

How big a PSU would you think I would need for this build?

And a bonus question: In the build guide, EVGA G3 ins’t mentioned and I see on EVGA’s website that it provides only 10A to “ATX12V/ESP12V” compared to 12A on e.g. the G5 and GQ. Does that have anything to say on this build? I’m asking because both G+, G5 and GQ are very very hard to come by in EU at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

I am not an expert but I do have an X9DR3LNF4 with a pair of 2690v2, 384gig RAM, 6 - 6TB SAS Drives, 4 - 3TB SAS drives and a 10G X540. It is running 3 virtual machines, one with a large database and two development systems. When it runs hard the fans kick in and it can use close to 500watts of power. Most of the time it runs in the 190 - 230watt range according to the motherboard. This is in a Supermicro chassis with dual 900watt.

I have another with a couple 2660v2s and only 5 drives in a large tower using a 650watt Seasonic power supply. It doesn’t give me the usages from the board so I don’t know what it is using but it has been running a few years without any problems. I prefer the Seasonics for my builds.

Like I said I am not an expert but I would think 600 would do the trick from what you describe.

Thanks for sharing.

I found a calculator on be quirt!'s website. It’s not the most advanced and it doesn’t support dual CPU but it’s easy to get around by just running the calculator again with just the CPU and add the numbers.

I went with a be quiet! Straight Power 750 as it is in fact very quiet, much more so than the the comparable EVGA’s and quite efficient too - it’s Gold-rated but very close to Platinum.