Hello, looking for clarification on Dell Poweredge T110 II

Just starting to get into the home lab and wanting to learn.

I was looking at the suggestions on this site and saw the Dell Poweredge T110 II as a prebuilt. But after doing some searching I see posts on Dell saying it only supports up to 2 TB drives and one model of 3 TB hitachi drives. I was hoping to throw in 4x8 TB WD drives I shucked. Is there a way to make it work?

Or should I go with the build suggestions instead?

Thanks for the help

If it supports > 2TB drives, it will support any size drive on the market. It is likely due to the fact that drives larger than 3TB were not available to the market when the T110 II was released.

Cool, thanks for info I’ll give it a go

Hi, I’m looking at getting a T110 and wondered if you had any success with bigger drives?

Yes I managed to get 3x 10TB and 3x 8TB drives working as long you use kapton tape to cover the 3rd pin I also used a external esata port and ran a long esata to Sata cableSo I could get 6 drives running at once.
I converted the 2 5.25 bays to hold 3.5 inch drives

Great! Think I might take the plunge then! I don’t suppose you are using yours for Plex at all?

I have a T110 II with 3x 12 TB shucked WD Easystores in it. I had been using it for Plex via unRAID for a while, but have since offloaded that to a separate box with QuickSync capabilities as per guidance from this forum

I use it for Plex and works fine.

I did upgrade the cpu from a Xeon 3430 to a 3470 for $30 off eBay and the devices I stream to can handle x265 1080 without transcode

As a test I did try a compressed 4k stream to a 1080p device and it took the cpu the 90% otherwise it sits at 12% or lower

Thanks for the replies, appreciated.