Hello everyone from clueless but willing to learn member

Hello everyone from the UK.
I decided some months ago I wanted a home server, or two. I had no idea what I was letting myself into, but giving it a go anyway.
I bought a Dell R610, 2x 6 core cpu’s, 32Gb ram.
I couldn’t get it to do anything, so reset it back to factory settings, followed a few youtube vids for help, and after a very long time I now got IDRAC6 to connect to my computer, so no more two sets of keyboards, mouse and monitors. And now I’m stuck.

The reason for buying this and doing this, is we are all gamers in my family, we play lots of Rust and also Minecraft. I wanted to host my own games on it, but only on my network, not outside my home.
I added windows 10 as a OS, but really do not know what programs or setup I need to do to achieve this.

So I am asking for the wisdom of the forum to advice me on what I need to do to achieve this goal I have set myself, because I have no clue what do to now, and have a rather expense paperweight in my living room taking up space…

Thank you all in advance for any help you can give…

Welcome! If there’s something specific you need help with, we can help you in #technology:tech-support