HDD logic board repair after wrong SATA power pin outs?

Hey all - longtime lurker, first-time poster.

Before anyone asks - no, I do not have my server data backed up. Clearly a shortfall of my system design.

The modular power supply on my Unraid-based NAS Killer 4.0 went out and I sent it back under warranty.

After receiving a new PSU I noted that it didn’t come with enough SATA power cables so I purchased a couple from Amazon.

I didn’t read the fine print and after plugging in my drives I smelled melting plastic coming from my SSD cache drive.

I learned the hard way that not all SATA modular power cables have the same pinouts.

I have rewired the power cables and now have two dead spinning HDDs, one is my cache drive and one is a data drive.

I would like to retrieve the data from the data drive and figure that it’s the drive electronics that are damaged due to the incorrect power connection and not the platters.

I have watched a video or two on replacing the drive circuit board which involves an eBay purchase and a BIOS chip swap.

Before I go any further down this rabbit hole I figured I’d ask the experts to weigh in to see if this is a feasible option / has anyone had success recovering a drive in this way or if I need to bite the bullet and pay for pro data recovery.

Drives are 8 TB WD, one is a Red and one is a Blue - I think the Blue is my data drive.

Thanks in advance for reading and for any input.