Hardware upgrade for newer plex server

Hi there I am currently running my plex server off this spec

LENOVO 03T7169 IH81M LGA1150 DDR3 INTEL H81 0C17240 IGD
x2 8gb ddr3,
I5 4430s processor. chipset 1150

Now I am looking to upgrade, can anyone recomend a cpu upgrade or a better motherboard that my cpu will work in.

I am also looking for a pcie card that can extend how my current sata ports x3 to 6, i like the idea of a sas to sata card and a pcie m.2. card.

All Surgestions welcome.

Go for a Quicksync build like the HP S01 or HP 290.

Is this a 1200 chip set and what cpus are compatable.

This information is contained in the thread.