Hardware recommendation for self-build pfSense Box (Gigabit line)

Hi everyone,

I was looking to get some hardware recommendations for my new pfSense project. I have a 1000/500 Mbit/s line which should not be limited while using Surricata (IPS), OpenVPN and pfBlockerNG. The VPN speeds aren’t that important (e.g 200Mbit/s down) but I should beessay writer able to reach my full gigabit speed while beeing at home and running IPS.

I’m mainly looking for CPU and mainboard recommendations (also SoC models). CPU and mainboard should not cost more than $200 (new or used).

The chassis (1U rack mountable) only fits mini-ITX Mainboards.

My needs…

  • Gigabit routing
  • Surricata IPS (without any speed limitations)
  • pfBlockerNG
  • OpenVPN (1 client at a time)
  • about 11 Vlans
  • about 30 clients
  • 4 CCTV camera streams to NAS

and maybe some little projects in the future.

Thank you in advance!

Have you checked this out?