[Guide] Resolve Realtek NIC Stability Issues on FreeBSD - FreeNAS/TrueNAS, pfSense (2.4.4, 2.4.5, 2.5.0) + OPNSense, use 2.5Gb Realtek


Is it possible to get an update for FreeBSD 12.2 based systems?

Thank you

Yep, 1.96.04 for 12.2 built and uploaded.

I would like to thank you very much, the network card works perfectly :slight_smile: pfSense 2.4.5 - driver 1.96.04

Ok, How can I get this installed on an odroid h2+ running 2.4.5? I have a usb ethernet adapter but for some reason cannot access the board either thrugh the web interface or putty.

Can I do everything via the console itself?

Yep, physical console access is exactly the same as remote.

ok, I was able to follow the directions and get it working but could not get it to be stable/functional. I may have had the /boot/loader.conf.local done wrong. Do I have to use nano or can I use the file editor from the web gui? Is is ONLY supposed to have if_re_load="YES in it or everything else that the loader.conf file has? I kept getting boot loops and error reports. The interfaces show up and I can assign them but they seem to take a LONG time to spool up and traffic dow not seem to pass from the wan to the lan.

Yep, you can use the GUI editor. Your /boot/loader.conf.local file is loaded in addition to the /boot/loader.conf file, the variables in each are set - no need for duplicating them.

Please ensure you have loaded the correct module for your system (11.3), and note that if you do, your other problems are not likely to be related to this - other folks on 2.4.5 are successfully using this module with the same device.

got it working. I am not sure what I did wrong the first time but now it is functional and stable. ill start working on loading my configuration and stress it and see how it does. Thanks for everything Riggi, you rock.

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Glad to hear you got it sorted!

I have two COMFAST CF-P25, one in pfSense box (A2SDi-4C-HLN4F +16GB RAM and SATADOM)
Second on my workstation, link point to point
Driver 1.96.04
Any idea how to fine tune it? its a little slow…

Make sure you’re using multiple iperf threads, add -P 4 to the client command.

-P 4

-P 4 -w 32768

-P 8 -w 32768

Which version of FreeBSD/the driver? Can you test again with a different cable to rule that out?

Otherwise, try disabling offloads as explained here, and give some of these tuning options a shot if all else fails.

its 2.4.5 p1 - Driver 1.96.04

Do you have a service that uses promiscuous-mode on your pfSense machine (snort/suricata/ntopng)? You might be topping out on your C3558.

i just ordered A2SDi-8C-HLN4F (C3758) will de better in all directions, 8 cores, 2400Mhz Ram and more PCI-E lines

That CPU is a huge improvement and will certainly handle greater sustained speeds than your old one, did you confirm it was a CPU bottleneck my monitoring performance metrics during a test?

I installed the driver on TrueNAS 12.0-RC. Checking with kldload if_re.ko gives me the following:

kldload: an error occurred while loading module if_re.ko. Please check dmesg(8) for more details.

and looking at dmesg tells me:

KLD if_re.ko: depends on kernel - not available or version mismatch
linker_load_file: /boot/kernel/if_re.ko - unsupported file type

How do I fix it?

Assuming you used the FreeBSD 12.2 driver version, give the 12.1 version a shot.

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Thanks @Riggi, that did the trick. :+1: