[Guide] Remote Gaming on Unraid

3. Software Requirements

1. General use (click me)
  1. Windows 10 ISO
  2. HxD
    For editing VBIOS
2. Host system (Unraid) (click me)
  1. Unraid
  2. virtio windows integration software/drivers
    (available through Unraid UI)
  3. For non-Quadro Nvidia GTX and RTX cards, you need an appropriate VBIOS
    (this will be covered later here)
  4. MSI Afterburner
    (for discrete AMD/Nvidia GPU overclocking & monitoring)
  5. Ninite (Installs 7zip, Google Chrome, Classic Start, Steam,
    WinDirStat, and TeamViewer)
  6. Parsec
  7. Rainway

Below is a table showing which clients can be used with each host application. There’s some crossover, so it’s worthwhile to have as many host apps set up on the machine as possible to cover your bases.

Desktop (Native) Desktop (Web) Xbox PS4 Apple TV (tvOS) Nvidia Shield (Android TV) iOS Android Raspberry Pi
Parsec Yes No No No No Yes No Yes Yes
Rainway No Yes Yes (beta) No No No Yes Yes No
Steam Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moonlight Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Client system(s) (click me)
  1. Remote Desktop client (Windows built-in RDP client works fine)
  2. Parsec
  3. Rainway
  4. SteamLink App or Steam RemotePlay via desktop client
  5. Moonlight Game Streaming
    (Only available with Nvidia GTX/RTX GPUs with GeForce experience)

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