[Guide] Remote Gaming on Unraid

2. Hardware Requirements

1. Host system (Unraid) (click me)
  1. 2-4 cores you can dedicate to a VM
    (6-8 cores + higher clock speed preffered for higher end setups)
  2. 8GB (8192MB) free RAM you can dedicate to a VM
    (12GB-16GB preffered for higher end setups)
  3. 1GbE NIC
    (you can use your primary Unraid NIC)
  4. 128GB or greater disk space on a SSD
    (cache SSD OK, unassigned SSD preferred)
  5. GPU you can passthrough to a VM
    (Intel/AMD iGPU OK, AMD/Nvidia discrete GPU preffered)
  6. HDMI/DVI/DP dummy plug (one for each GPU in use, HDMI preferred if your GPU supports it)
2. Client system(s) (click me)
  1. System has hardware h.264 decode compatibility (h.265/HEVC preferred)
  2. Sound output of some sort
  3. Network connectivity (1GbE NIC highly preferred for local use)
  4. Bluetooth support for controllers (you can use one of these adapters if you need one)
3. Network (click me)
  1. If you want to use this setup remotely, you need to be able to port forward a range of ports on your router.
    pfSense will be covered in this guide, and general information about port forwarding will also be provided.
  2. Your Unraid server must have a wired connection to make this remotely worthwhile (even if it’s just 100Mb). Otherwise, wireless to wireless latency and throughput will be extremely poor.

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