[Guide] Remote Gaming on Unraid

9. Install Drivers and Hosting Software

1. You'll notice that you no longer have the option to use the VNC Remote to control your server, since we removed it. (click me)

We’ll be using RDP on windows instead.

  1. Open RDP on your local windows machine. Type in the name of the VM that we created earlier. If you forget what it is, good news! You get to dive into your router to figure out what it’s IP is.
  2. Connect, and when prompted to authenticate click “Use a different account”.
    Use the VM’s username and password we set up earlier.
  3. Check this box and click “Yes”.
  4. If that all worked, then you can access your VM remotely!
2. Verify that your devices are working properly. (click me)
  1. Click start, type “Device Manager” and open it.
  2. Look in “Display Adapters” for your GPU.
    If it’s showing here without an error sign, then you passed it through correctly.
    If there’s an error, please revisit the steps regarding editing the VM’s XML and BIOS passthrough.
    (example, Code 43)
  3. Verify that your sound device is working properly.
3. Install Graphics Drivers (click me)

(with all default options)

  1. Nvidia (use Geforce Experience if you want to use moonlight)
  2. AMD
  3. Intel
  4. MSI Afterburner (for Nvidia/AMD GPUs)
  5. Double check Device Manager after installing drivers to ensure Display Adapters and Sound devices are identified correctly.

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