[Guide] NAS Killer 4.1 supplemental + deals

Start by removing all RAM and testing one stick at a time.

Looking at a TYAN S5512, and the CPU list here says
“Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 Sequence & Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v2 (22nm Ivy Bridge) Sequence”

But the proceeding list doesn’t list an E3-1220L v2, which is what i’m looking to build with. Would it work in the board?

This board is about $25 cheaper to ship to Canada than an X9SCM-F which I was originally looking at, and has a ton more SATA ports. not to mention 2 interal USB ports for OS. Also has a much bigger supported ram list, so a better chance I could find good prices on those. Really hoping it works with the CPU.

Edit: I take it back, RAM on this thing’s supported list is hard to find 8gb sticks of for a decent price. I wish server boards weren’t so picky with ECC ram. I guess X9SCM-F it is.

The “e3-1200 v2” encompasses all e3-v2 cpus, including the one you mentioned.

Generally speaking you don’t have to use RAM off of the supported list, you can find ram that matches the same type, speed, and voltage.

Besides DDR#, frequency and voltage, are there any other things to consider?

For example, I know this RAM wouldn’t work in a X9SCM (I asked the seller to try it out):

Right, because that’s RDIMM.

You need ECC UDIMM or non-ECC UDIMM for the X9SCM/X9SCL.

Ohhh ok. I understand. Then it looks to me like both the Tyan and the SuperMicro use the same style DDR3 UDIMMs, just X9SCM also supports 1.35V.

So I guess as long as I can plainly see it is unregistered, then I can buy any DDR3 1333-1600 1.5V ECC UDIMMs, no matter the board I choose. Any PC3-10600E or PC3-12800E 1.5V.


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Current Freenas server (running multiple jails Plex, sabnzbd, deluge, home assistant)
i3-2120T 16gb ram
the 2120 is showing its age and I’m wondering if i should spend my 250$ upgrade budget on combo #4 and move Freenas to a vm and then a VM for all my jails. or keep my freenas box as is and move all the jails off to an hp290-p0043w build. if i went with the combo #4 would lose out on the Intel QuickSync in the HP build right?


you know these cpu’s are only one generation newer than what you currently have (ivy bridge vs sandy bridge). They’re just higher wattage server chips instead of lower wattage T chips.

so your gains might be kind of modest.

one idea is to look at your motherboard manual / support site if you can replace the CPU and what’s the max supported? you might have a drop in replacement.

I can’t seem to find a Rosewill RSV-L4500 for less than 150, and while I was searching I kept finding Supermicro chassis, some with an including backplane, like this
Would this work, and conceivably would only need 1 HBA card, correct?

Unfortunately the Rosewill L4500 chassis was discontinued and replaced with a newer inferior model. The SuperMicro chassis you linked is a good option, but be warned that it is quite noisy with the stock fans. You can swap out the fans for the Arctic P8 model and swap out the power supply for a SQ model to get rid of most of the noise, but that bumps the cost up closer to $300.

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hey thanks for that tip i ended up buying a i5 3570S for my current nas 27$ not too bad for an upgrade ill see how far this gets me!

Awesome info!

I have Combo 2 on the way. Planning to leave it in the stock chassis because it’s going in the utility room in my basement, so the noise doesn’t really matter. It’ll be sitting next to some 3D printers which are probably louder anyway.

Can anyone help me figure out what I would need for mounting it?
This is my first rack mount item, so I’m not familiar with everything. It sounds like everything is pretty much 19" wide. And it seems like this server might be 26-28" deep? I can’t seem to find an answer. Anyone know the depth?

Will universal rails fit?

It seems like I can probably get away with doing something like the LackRack which is 36" deep. It seems like most cheap server racks / cabinets won’t fit this thing.

Thanks for the help!

Does the bios allow for NVMe via PCIe?

Probably not for booting, but you can use NVMe otherwise. You shouldn’t need to boot off of it though.

I love these combos, I was so close to buying one tonight. Unfortunately, I’m aiming for building in the Node 804, so these probably won’t fit :(.

Any thoughts on other good options, or should I refer back to the V4 main list?

I bought combo 2 for $133, but it came with 32 GB of RAM in the case…and then I have 5 of the Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS drives


I connected the drives to the case with these https://www.frozencpu.com/products/8869/scr-138/Hard_Disk_Drive_Anti-Vibration_Screw_Shoulder_Screw_Type.html

The case fans are loud and on startup sound like a jet engine at times, but it’s downstairs in the utility room across from the HVAC, so sound isn’t a concern.

I’m running FreeNAS-11.3-U1, and then I installed XPEnology on it in a VM running DSM version DSM_DS3615xs_24922.

I basically have a Synology box for $133 ($140.98 after tax) + the cost of the screws…[the cost of the drives would have been there regardless]

It’s actually not even that loud outside of the jet engine fans on boot…

Booting with Ssd works but when I add my sata 10tb the bios just wont want to boot the machine it won’t even go in setup mode. I taped the 3.3v pin. When I plug it in the LSI it is seen but same bios behavior. Once removed the ssd boots. I’m at a loss why once I add the drive it hangs…

Turn off the OPROM for the LSI card, or you can disable boot from the LSI menu (accessed by pressing CTRL+C during the boot process)

looks like the mobo is gone any recommendations? I currently have a i5-3570S in a Mini-itx, with 16gb of non ecc ram. i would like to be able to add more ram and if i can keep a pic-e slot for a 10g Ethernet as well as connect more hard drives and this mobo was perfect