[Guide] "Lego" 8-bay, dual Xeon, ultra-quiet build (2019 updated)

Can anyone post a pic to me of how they mounted the artic coolers? Are the washers to help the heatsink get clearance from some of the motherboard capacitors?

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So the artic heatsinks are for 15xx sockets, so I assume thats why the washers are on the parts list? Is this what it should look like? (one with washers one without as example for the gap)

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Your mounting brackets are on the wrong side of the heatsink - please refer to the user manual.

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The bracket goes on top, fitting into the channel. The washers are listed just in case there might be some clearance still from the mounting screw, but shouldn’t be much if at all.

Is that actually contacting the CPU?

Well now I feel silly! Thank you guys for the help though, I am pretty psyched about this project!

Yes, when you stack about 10 washers and install the mounts wrong it can touch the cpu :D.

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Do NOT plug that motherboard in while sitting on that anti static wrap that the motherboard came in.

Oh yeah I didn’t do that, i was just lining things up making sure they would go together as planned prior to being placed in the case.

Man, I don’t know if I hit a bad patch or what, but the N400 case came with kinda shit offsets. Be mindful to tighten beyond what you feel is necessary. I had one get loose and then miss thread so turning the screw only turned the offset. Had to reseat the damn thing three times.

Oh, and I’m sure this has been mentioned, but the offset guide in the case doesn’t fit this board.

Do you mean the standoffs? What do you mean they don’t fit?

Yes, standoffs. They fit, but the interior of them seemed soft enough (or maybe the screw was soft?) to the point that where they met became structurally rigid without the screw being fully screwed in. I had to haul the board out of the case and screw around with pliers and a screwdriver to get it to come off.

I’m having some trouble with my build. I have one X5667 cpu installed and everything hooked up correctly with ram in the CPU 1 slot but I don’t get a POST or any vga output. I seem to have IPMI working but it does not have the default password.

The arctic 12 cooler oddly seems to start and then stop immediately.

pics of your setup!

The arctic 12 is semi passive, so the fan not spinning is NOT an indicator as to whether the system is on or not.

You only need one CPU power plug when running in single CPU mode.

You also need RAM in the corresponding CPU for it to boot.

The highlighted parts are what need to be used for single CPU.

If I put a single stick just in that slot I get continuous beeps no pattern that’s in the manual. Just continuous long beeps

Did you fix the CPU power connectors?

Yep. I just get continuous long beeps

Check for bent pins in the CPU socket…