[Guide] JDM's Mini-ITX pfSense builds

IMO that ^ is the perfect case for this project… but it’s in the uk and not cheap… someone stop me.

Hey all… I’m working on building one of these. Curious if anybody has the full-height IO Shield and would be willing to part with it? I’d be happy to pay, of course!

They are back up on eBay now…

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I don’t use I/O shields on mine… not worth the cost.

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Yeah, $11 on ebay seems pretty steep!!

can get 10 for 50 and give them away as Christmas presents…


I’m getting an error when trying to install pfSense. It gets to the section after the disk partition where the progress bar is loading, when it finishes I get “The checksum for base.txz does not match. It may have become corrupted, and should be re downloaded.” I did validate the checksum of the downloaded file, which was fine. I used rufus to write the .img file to a 1GB usb stick. Any ideas what might be happening?

The first thing I would try is a different USB stick

Yeah… that did it! Thank you!!! I’ll prepare a build-complete post probably tomorrow evening!

Do I need to disable the ethernet port of the Acer SFF to use the NIC? Getting the cable modem turned on by the cable company now so I’ll be starting in on my pfsense and ubiquity setup shortly.

No, you can use the onboard or the NIC. They should all show in pfSense setup.

Ok, thanks. Modem is up and running, Ubiquiti AP is installed, now to figure out how to get them all working together.

What temperatures are you guys seeing on the 3470T? I’m hovering at 47 on one core and 52 on the other, basically at idle. That seems a bit high given the t-case temp is 65.

What cpu cooler?

It’s the Titan that’s recommended in this guide.

Did you use thermal paste or anything? Also check the mounting pressure.

Yes, just some Dynamix thermal paste I had around. I torqued the cooler as much as felt safe, but I’ll take it apart and check the spread of the paste. Thank you!

I removed the cooler, cleaned off the paste, and then applied the paste that came with the cooler. It’s running around 30 now at idle, so obviously the paste I used originally was bad.
I was wrong about this. After putting the board back in the case, the temps went back to hovering around 50. Eventually I took a look in the BIOS and found that the cooling settings were obviously meant for something with a much higher t-case. I’ve adjusted those settings, and now temperatures are a lot more comfortable around 40.

Also, for anyone trying to get into the MEBx menu, the shortcut key is CTRL+P. As mentioned, the default password is admin, but you should also know that it will require you to set a more secure password immediately. It requires a password at least 8 characters long, and it must include a capital letter, a special character, and a number. It wasn’t difficult to find this information, but I thought it might be useful to include it in this thread!

I believe you can bypass it making you type a new password just by pressing enter, but I could be wrong.

I’m having a tough time getting my AC Lite AP to get me a good signal 6 feet away from my laptop. Keeps trying to go to the 2.4Ghz signal. Turned on bandwidth steering and prefer 5G on the laptop. Speeds are still bad though. Can only get up to 150 Mbps on phone or laptop. Wired is 550 Mbps though which is great considering I only have a 500 Mbps package.

Haven’t even really begun to try things out in pfsense yet. Haven’t done any firewall rules or anything like that. I did try pfblockerNG and it broke quite a few websites. Had to turn it back off for now until I understand what its doing. This stuff is complicated as hell.