[Guide] 8 Bay Mini-DAS!



I doubt this will turn into a full guide unless we can somehow find more of these enclosures…

Enclosure + PSU (stock seems to go in and out quickly, pick one up while you can):
8 bay HDD JBOD enclosure with 300W PSU - $49.95 OBO + SHIPPING sold out
8 bay HDD JBOD enclosure with 300W PSU - $49.95 OBO + SHIPPING thanks @spikebyte
8 bay HDD JBOD enclosure with 300W PSU - $49.95 OBO + SHIPPING thanks @Surge_The_Raichu

External LSI SAS for host NAS:
LSI 9201-16E - $32.70

Buy 1 per 4 hard drives (SATA only):
2 meter SFF 8088 to 4 SATA cable - $14.19 each
Buy 1 per 4 hard drives (SATA/SAS):
2 meter SFF 8088 to 4 SFF 8482 cable - $18.99 each

1 x 120mm fan:
Arctic P12 120mm fan - $7.99

SATA power cable:
3 pack 24" Molex to SATA power cable (crimped) - $12.99


Got one of these guys :slight_smile: I sold my Synology 4bay NAS that was replaced by my NSFW 1.0 build. I’m going to move the 4x3TB drives from there into the array on the NSFW build using this gase

Looks like there’s 3 here

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So are you just running the SFF cables out the back of this chassis and into the LSI card?

If you don’t mind a quick and dirty way of doing it, yeah. You’d just run SFF-8088 breakout cables from the LSI 9201-16e to the DAS through the holes in the back.

They make external to internal SAS converters, but then you need twice as many cables and the cost starts to add up.

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Share some pics with us when you get a chance!

The punch outs are that case are standard centronics size. You can get Mini SAS SFF-8088 to SFF-8087 single or dual centronics sized adapters on eBay, for a cleaner build.

An example here.


That’s some fine info you dropped there, son.

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I read somewhere the max cable length for SATA drives in 1m. I guess this build uses a SAS card but if you have SATA drives is 2m is a bit too long? Can anyone confirm 2m actually works?

I’ve used many 2M cables with SATA drives without issue.

What kind of drive rails are needed for this? Will cooler master ones work?

It comes with all of the drive rails needed to mount drives.

I see now, the drives just rest on the screws. Thanks!

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What “best offer” value have people had luck with on the 8 bay case?

Seller accepted $45 for the case.


Did some googling, found this item available from another site for half the price- $24.98:

-scam site link removed by moderators-

I’ve never heard of this online storefront, so I can’t speak to if they will actually ship the item.

I would be REALLY careful with sites like that.

That is, with 100% certainty, a scam site. Recently registered to a non-existent address and has a generic cloudflare cert.

I apologize for posting the link - I am in no way affiliated with the site, just wanted to let the forum know that I found the case elsewhere since the Ebay seller is out of stock.

Well i just ordered ome of these. Now to make sure i get the rest of the stuff ordered.

So reviewing what I need, if i order 2 meter SFF 8088 to 4 SFF 8482 cable then all i need in the other computer is the 9201-16e in the other computer. Just making sure that is correct.