GPU recommendation for X8SIE-F


Three years ago I used one of the guides from /u/jdm_waaat to build a server that I’ve been using as a NAS killer. It’s been working for me great and it’s even allowed me to share movies and shows with some friends, as well as start learning about selfhosting services.

However, the shelter-in-place has got me itching for some gaming besides my Switch: I am mostly interested in some N64 and GameCube games (particularly the Paper Mario series). I have started to read a little and it seems that for emulating up to N64, a retropie would be more than enough (or heck, buying an NVIDIA Shield and using Android based emulators). However, for GameCube gaming, the recommendation goes to use a PC with Dolphin.

So this is where I started to wonder if I could “upgrade” my current server to support it? It seems that the way to go would be to get a NVIDIA GPU and then stream to a NVIDIA shield. However, I wanted to see if anybody has attempted something similar and what recommendations do they have.

My current set up is

| Motherboard | SuperMicro X8SIE-F |
| CPU | Intel Xeon X3450 @ 2.67 GHz |
| Memory | 16 GB Single-bit ECC |

Thank you in advance!


Hi I was wondering if you ever had any success with this? I have a somewhat similar set up and would love to be able to build out for gamecube emulation