Good price for RAM?

I am working on a setup that will host NAS, Jellyfin, NZBGet and a few other applications. As it stands right now I will be running OpenMediaVault with either a full blown Linux OS or Docker containers. Right now I am leaning toward a full blown Linux OS. Wanting to keep the power consumption down I have purchased a i5-9500T CPU for $130 (I feel like I over paid). I am looking at the ASRock Z390M Pro4 Micro ATX MOBO and since it takes DDR4 memory I have been looking at memory now as well.

I would like to run 32 GB of RAM in the system but I’m not sure what a good price would be for used memory. I did find someone selling Crucial 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4 3200 memory for $160. From what I have seen on Ebay this is a decent price for 32 GB of memory. Can anyone confirm if this is a good deal or not? If this is not a deal then would be a good price to pay per a GB of memory for DDR4?

I think you only should need 16GB, so I’d get that much to start.

Check out this kit, you can always add another 16GB later if you need it.

Thanks for the suggestion for the memory you pointed me to is cheaper than what I was looking at used.

I was debating starting out with 16 as you recommended but once I started looking at prices of memory it was cheaper to just start out with 32. This is a debate that I will have with myself for a while and will come down to how much money I have left when I am ready to buy memory.

I’d still just get 16. Prices will continue to fall in the future.