Ghetto Laptop Server

I’m just a 15 year old kid. I use what I got. I wanted to make my own website, but I wanted something customizable, multipurpose, and expandable. Here is this jack a$$ server. It runs Windows Server 2016 (Key came from school), with IIS 10. It also has MS SQL Express 2017 and I will be installing Docker with Orchard CMS and some Forum software (I don’t know which yet, but I’ll like some recommendation)

Port forwarded with No-IP @

AMD E 450
500 GB HDD
1TB external HDD


Welcome to SB.N @Dro3m! It’s nice to see someone about the age I was at when I started to get into all this crap. You’re actually far further down the road than I was at 15.

I’ll let some of these other “experts” touch base on giving you some great recommendations, but welcome again and keep building!

Thank you! Long way to go, but i already got support from people on So that helped my motivation. BTW, the takes you to a Chinese website lol

We don’t own Try

Sorry, I was shortening I didn’t mean literally.

Lol I know.