Getting started with HW transcoding

Thanks for all this information around.
There is not much choice in the country I live in when it comes to builds and mini pc at a competitive cost.

I want to run Linux on a home server for :

  • Plex with minimal transcoding (1-2 home users on various devices and rare remote access)
  • Hosting all my home media services (radarr etc.), considering all data is stored on a rclone remote
  • Hosting my small web development environment
  • Home Assistant or whatever tool I fancy testing at home.

I am turning to pre owned enterprise mini pc and right now I have a choice for under 200usd between mostly 2 processors :

Intel core i5 6600T on a HP Prodesk 400 G2
Intel corei3 7100T on a Dell Optiplex 3050 micro

I am curious if the lack of hyper-threading on the 6600T would make the newest but slowest i3 7100T a better choice and am for now kinda stuck on this …
Also wondering how much memory would be comfortable to have space to run all this on Linux.
Any advice would be welcome, thanks :slight_smile:

At this point, unless there’s a screaming deal I would avoid 6th and 7th gen Intel.

Thank you, that will wait then !