GA-7PESH2 Server Issues - No drives detected - Need help!

Two years ago i built a server based on the original “Anniversary Build”. Managed to snag a GA-7PESH2 when they were more than myth and paired with 2 e5-2690 cpus. Recently i decided to move the server from a 4U server chassis to a Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 Tower case but now i regret ever touching it. The server boots just fine and loads into Unraid from an attached USB stick. Issue is that none of my drives are being detected, neither my 2 SSD nor 4 HDD. Initially i thought it was an issue with Unraid but after booting into the BIOS I can see that none of the drives are present there either. When i check the SATA config i just see “Not Present” for all ports despite having drives attached.

Things Ive tried so far:

  • Different SATA cables
  • Disabling/enabling SATA
  • Switching to IDE SATA mode
  • Resetting BIOS to defaults
  • Removing CMOS to reset

Nothing seems to be working. I currently have the mobo set up out of the case and Im trying things like removing DIMMS and booting with only 1 CPU as well as trying a second PSU to rule that out but I’m pretty stumped at this point. There has been no change to the configuration this was meant to be a simple lift and shift.

Is my motherboard dead??? Any help on this appreciated !!!


Did you 3.3v mod the cables or drives?

Are your drives SATA or SAS drives?

All drives are SATA and 3.3v modded. But my SSD’s are not being recognised either so the 3.3v isn’t the problem here. I ordered a PCI-SATA card today in the hopes its just the on board SATA controller thats faulty allowing me to continue using the board.

Also the 4 SATA drives i have attached via the SAS breakout cable are also not detected. I didnt think the onboard SATA controller dealt with those.

Is your cable plugged in backwards?

Nope cable is plugged in correctly as per GA-7PESH2 manual