Fractal Design motherboard standoffs - are they unique?

I’m stuck at the beginning of my build for a silly reason. When I started putting it together, I discovered 2 of the brass standoffs for the motherboard were stripped (i.e. I could not secure the motherboard to the standoff). So I ordered some new ones (3 different actually) from Amazon. They were too small and did not thread into the case.

I downloaded the manual for my Node 304 and it doesn’t mention size anywhere. Does Fractal use a proprietary size or some stupid thing like that?

In the time since I wrote this and it was approved, Fractal Design finally responded to my email. They said the would ship me the correct standoffs, I would just need to pay the $11 shipping. I seriously hope that it is a the original accessory bag for that shipping rate!

I always thought that standoffs were pretty universal, but a quick google search shows that there are at least two different types:

I’d guess that whatever you bought from Amazon were “the other thread size”.


This is exactly right. 6-32 vs M3 is super confusing; they are very similar but do not mate. 6-32 is 3.51mm thread diameter, so half a mm larger than M3. So a 6-32 screw will not fit into an M3 standoff, and an M3 screw will fit into a 6-32 standoff but will pull right out, feeling like stripped threads. There is not standard for standoffs, but both 6-32 and M3 are used, with 6-32 being slightly more popular. This appears to be the case for your Node 304.

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Thank you both for chiming in. I’ll be sure to ask that information for the next case I buy!

IMO, just ask Fractal for replacements. They are usually pretty quick to be people sorted out.

That’s what I ended up doing. They were quick to respond, but I had to pay $11 in shippng, so I hope it is the OEM hardware bag that came with the case when new. This of course has put my build on hold. C’est la vie!