First UnRaid NAS/PLEX QuickSync Build

Hello everyone.
This will be my first UnRaid NAS/PLEX build and I would like some feedback on the parts below.
Use Case: Plex server & general storage, a few dockers but no VMs.
Looking for about 10 QuickSync 1080p Hardware Transcodes. 4K will only be direct streamed.
I’m also trying to make this as quiet as possible and not too power hungry. Will replace the case fans with Noctua.


Anything i’m missing here?
As there is only 6 SATA connections on the MB i’m assuming i will have to add a LSI SAS 9201-8i HBA card to be able to use all 8 bays.

Noctua fans aren’t great value, Arctic P12 will actually run quieter and you can get 5 of them for the price of 1 Noctua.

Same goes for their CPU coolers. You should be able to fit an Arctic Freezer 34 in there.

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I wonder if you can add 10gb here